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November 1, 2014

Post Halloween – Weather, General Update

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Hope everyone had a good HALLOWEEN, however you spent it.
Dave and I had a busy week, then went to Mom’s and set-up her “SMART TV” with a new outdoor antenna.
So, by the time we got back through the very windy/wet weather last night; then a dead tree fell (no major damage there) — we close the gate on the driveway, and settled down to surfing on the computers for the evening.
Not the typical way folks think of HALLOWEEN being spent — but it worked for us, this year.
As for the past 10-12 days — we had a Pow Wow in Arab, Alabama one weekend (two weekends ago) — then last weekend we spent in Florence, Alabama at the Alabama Renn. Faire.
Dave and I have totaled somewhere over 800 miles on the road in the month of October.
The evening at home on the farm was a welcome respite for us. Hope your HALLOWEEN was a good one.
Take care,
– Cathy

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