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September 8, 2009

No Mail, No Phones Ringing

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No mail today…no phones ringing. Just a fairly quiet day — so what if it’s Labor Day? We had our cookout day before yesterday; and the smoked-meat has been a delight…don’t you wish you ahd some?

There has also been several hour of non-stop music — yesterday/last night while I sat watching YouTube music videos, and sat weaving on friendship bracelets.

Oh, there have been a few chores completed:

Laundry. Dishes. Sorting newspapers. Cleaning my workroom/office. Feeding the cats.

But for the most part, the biggest difference this week than last? Is the cooler temperatures, and being able to get things done (indoors and out).

Yes, that’s the word for my mood this “long” weekend.

This could be from reading old newspapers, while listinging to even older songs playing on my computer. Either way, I have some tales rattling around in my head that may get online, very soon!

Possible topics include:
1) How I got Enrolled in College.
2) How many strings does it take to reach from the 1990’s until 2009?
3) Dreams: Past and Present.
4) Too Many Kinfolks?
5) Family Stories: Animal Tales That should be enough tips for stories, for now. More to add here soon.


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